Starting PreSchool

We hold evenings prior to the start of term in September, when we have new children starting so that you can discuss any issues with us relating to your child. Home visits are also an option so that we can meet your child in their own environment, or more importantly they can meet us! Home visits give us an insight into the child at home – what they like playing with, their pets, etc so that we can talk to them about home when they are with us. Again it gives you the chance to discuss in private any issues you may feel that we should know about. Please contact us to arrange a home visit if you think it would assist your child in starting at PreSchool.

The first day for all of the children is an informal drop in with an adult, so that the two of you can explore the area together and find exciting things to do and talk about later. You can also ensure that your child is happy using the toilet, having their nappy changed or asking for a drink in a different place.

After that, we then encourage you to come into PreSchool with your child, for just long enough to get them settled with an activity, before leaving them for the session. If you or your child find this hard we are here to help and support you both. Most children are usually fine once the ‘moment of separation’ is over but you are always welcome to ring us to check they are fine. Rest assured that if we are unable to distract, comfort or settle your child after you have left, we will ring you! For children that are anxious about separating from parents and staying with us, we will work with you both to find a solution, such as leaving them for short periods and then gradually building up the time they are with us – before you know it they won't want to go home!

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thurlby preschool
thurlby preschool
thurlby preschool

For more information please contact:
Sarah Austin
on 01778 394250

Thurlby PreSchool, 78 Northorpe, Thurlby, Bourne, Lincs. PE10 0HJ

thurlby preschool