The PreSchool day

We are open daily during term time and tie in with Thurlby Primary School's term dates wherever possible.

Morning Session: 9.00 – 12.00
Lunchtime: 12.00 – 12.45
Afternoon Session: 12.00 – 3.00

If you require an earlier start time or different finish time please discuss this with us – if we are able to accommodate you we will.

A Typical Day

Our daily routine is very important as it gives us the framework to meet individual children's needs and provide quality learning experiences. Our outline routine is as follows (am/pm session times):

9.00 Arrive, self-register with photograph and name card, then choose an activity.
9.25 / 12.45 Access to a range of activities inside and outside to develop skills across the curriculum.
10.15 / 2.15 Together Time: Discuss the weather, calendar (birthdays, celebrations, special events) and what has been learnt in the session so far.
10.30 / 2.30 Snack time: Starts with instruments and a song about washing hands. Then children use the toilet if they need to and wash hands. Children prepare, serve and eat a snack.
10.45 / 2.45 Children clear snacks away and select a book to look at alone or with a friend – big or small.
11.00 Continued access to play activities.
11.40 / 2.20 Tidy Up Time (which promotes care and respect for equipment at PreSchool).
11.50 / 2.50 Together Time: Children talk about their day, sing or listen to a story.
12.00 / 3.00 Children are reunited, one at a time, with their parent/carer.
12.00 / 12.45 Children sit around tables together to eat their packed lunches.

But when working with children we need to be flexible. The individual needs of children will be met throughout the session, for example children can have a drink at anytime and important events like birthdays will always be celebrated.

thurlby preschool
thurlby preschool
thurlby preschool

For more information please contact:
Sarah Austin
on 01778 394250

Thurlby PreSchool, 78 Northorpe, Thurlby, Bourne, Lincs. PE10 0HJ

thurlby preschool