Policies and procedures

Data Protection

The information you share with us while registering your child, or any information you share with us relating to anything happening at home which may affect your child is treated as confidential; only relevant information is made accessible to those who have a professional need to see it. This includes PreSchool staff, OFSTED inspectors and the local authority when claiming funding. All staff are made aware of the need for confidentiality as part of their induction. If we deem it would be beneficial to share any information with other agencies in relation to your child's care, development or learning we will discuss this with you first. The only exception to this is if a child's safety is in danger, for example, in an emergency situation.

Recruitment and Selection Policy Statement

Thurlby PreSchool is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children; we expect all staff and volunteers to share this commitment and have strict vetting procedures to ensure your child's safety while with us.

Policy and Procedure Documents

All our policies are available on request and are reviewed regularly. Their purpose is to ensure the best possible service for you and your child.

We welcome parents comments so please feel free to talk to us about the service we offer. We do have a policy and procedure for dealing with complaints, however, if you have a complaint that you feel has not been resolved satisfactorily, you should contact Early Years OFSTED at 2nd Floor, The Frontage, Queen Street, Nottingham, NG1 2AR or ring them on 0845 601 4772.

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