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What to Wear

Its accepted that fresh air is beneficial for children's brain development and learning, as well as for their health and fitness. For everyone's convenience (yours, your childs' and ours!) comfortable clothes, which are easily washable are definitely advisable. We will be exploring and experimenting with messy materials, cooking, planting and painting; we will be moving about, climbing and crawling, running and jumping! Even though we use aprons to protect clothes during ‘messy’ activities sometimes your child may come home with paint or glue on their clothes; we apologise in advance. The materials we use should wash out if you soak the clothes in cold water overnight before washing in the normal way.

Alongside you we are helping your child learn to be independent in the world. Simple clothing/fastenings that children can make attempts to handle themselves when going to the toilet, putting on shoes or doing up coats will allow us to help them to experience success without being totally dependent on others.

Children will have access to our fenced outdoor area so it is best to send them dressed for the weather. We have some waterproof clothes, welly boots, umbrellas and sun hats for enjoying the British weather, but you can help us by ensuring that your child's coat and clothes are suitable whatever the weather. In the Summer, if the sun shines, please remember to apply sun cream before bringing your child to PreSchool.

We also ask you to provide a spare set of clothes in a bag in the event of accidents. We do have some spare clothes available but children often prefer to be changed into their own clothes. If your child wears PreSchool clothes home please return them washed and ready for use by other children.

We recommend that you invest in a permanent marker pen and write your child's name in all items that they may remove when playing at PreSchool, for example coats, shoes, jumpers. Anything else that they bring in should also be labelled with their name.

Food and Drink

If your child is staying for lunch please provide them with a suitable packed lunch. Lunch boxes are stored in a fridge during the morning session so that food required to be chilled remains so until it is given to the children at 12.00. We request that parents pack the food that their child needs, bearing in mind that they will also have a snack just over an hour either side of their lunch and that they have approximately 30 minutes for eating – for the majority this is plenty of time to eat a sandwich (or savoury alternative) and a yoghurt (or alternative) and have a drink – if you have any concerns about your child eating in this time please let us know.

Dropping off and Collecting Your Child

We are lucky enough to be situated on a working farm which provides exciting and stimulating first hand experiences for the children. Although farm traffic avoids the area during drop-off and collection times, please take care when accessing PreSchool in regard to farm vehicles. There is a designated pathway and we would be grateful if you would encourage your child to behave safely and respectfully on the farm.

We are a no smoking environment and politely ask that parents do not smoke while accessing PreSchool across the farm or within the PreSchool area.

If the regular person who collects your child is not going to be doing so at the end of the session we will need to know the name of the person who is collecting them. We keep a book accessible in the classroom for you to write in the necessary information about the person you have given the responsibility of collecting your child.

If you are going to be late...

We know this can happen occasionally, please ring us as soon as you can to let us know. As a matter of course we will reassure your child, and after 10 minutes if we have not had a call from you we will try contacting you on all the contact telephone numbers we have available. In the event that we are unable to speak to you we will ring the Emergency Contacts provided by you on the Registration Information form, so please ensure that all contacts are kept up to date.

Please note that persistent late collecting will incur an extra charge as two adults have to remain on the site with any one child.


One of those situations where we know that as good as we are – you are better! If your child has diarrhoea or vomiting, for their sake as well as the other children's (and ours) please keep them at home for 24 hours after they were last ill. This will help prevent the bug spreading, as well as give your child a chance to recover and get their strength back so they are able to enjoy PreSchool again. In our experience tired and poorly children need lots of cuddles from their parents and quiet, rather than the hustle and excitement of a busy classroom.

If your child or a member of your family is diagnosed with German Measles please let us know so that we can warn expectant mothers whose children attend PreSchool. We also need to know about cases of any infectious diseases such as Chicken Pox and Whooping Cough.


On our Registration Form we ask you to detail any medical conditions that your child suffers including allergies, particularly to food, as they will be working with ingredients and often eating the results during sessions at PreSchool. A drink of milk and piece of fruit will be offered as a snack during every session; we will offer water as an alternative.


Please note that the only medicines that we can store and administer to children at PreSchool are inhalers and allergy antidotes. Please remember to check the date on these medicines regularly as you remain responsible for these even when they are kept with us. We will require your written permission for emergency medical treatment on the Registration Form.


Photographs are taken of the children throughout the day, but we only use these for promotional purposes, such as a feature in the local paper or our brochure, with your permission.

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