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The Early Years Foundation Stage is the document that sets the standards for learning, development and care for children from birth to five years of age. The ultimate aim of this is to reflect ‘that it is every child's right to grow up safe, healthy, enjoying and achieving, making a positive contribution and with economic well-being’.

The four themes, from this document, that guide our work as early years practitioners are:

1. A Unique Child
2. Positive Relationships
3. Enabling Environments
4. Learning & Development

They outline the ethos of how we should meet the learning, development and care needs of our children.

Key Person

Allocating a Key Person to your child is a statutory requirement. Although all staff are involved with every child's care and educational development, there will be a named member of staff assigned to your child to support their development and act as a point of contact for you. You will be made aware of who your child's key worker is and more about their role after your child has started PreSchool. Please see ‘Summary of Policies and Procedures’ to learn more about how we select our staff.

Each child has their own folder at PreSchool which records their achievements and charts their progress in six areas of learning and development:

1. Personal, Social and Emotional Development
2. Communication, Language and Literacy
3. Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy
4. Knowledge and Understanding of the World
5. Physical Development
6. Creative Development

These areas are broken down further into Aspects and your child develops through each Aspect along Elements. Photographs, observation notes and samples of work in relation to each Aspect will be built up primarily by your child's key worker as an individual record of achievement which you will be invited to contribute towards and share. You will also see these Elements displayed around the classroom, so please take a look.

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